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To Do (regular verb)

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Let’s start with the basics!

The verb ‘to do’ is one of the most common in the English language and mastering it is essential. To do is often used in questions and is changed in different ways.

Regular verb:

I/You/We/They               DO

He/She/It                       DOES


We can use this verb to talk about actions in general:


  • There is nothing we can do, except wait and see.
  • All students should do their homework.


We can also ask questions using DO or DOES:

  • Do you like pasta? I do!
  • Where does she come from?


In the negative, we simply add not after the verb.

  • I do not speak French, even though I come from Canada.
  • He does not like macaroni and cheese.


The contraction would be DON’T or DOESN’T.

  • I don’t eat pickles because I do not like them.
  • She doesn’t enjoy drinking tea.


Do you want to try this activity? I hope so!

Do or Does?

Read the sentences and choose the right answer.


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