Travelling | English Grammar Exercise (Simple Past Verbs and Comparatives)

We at Scrambled Eggs love to travel. Our teachers come from the USA and the UK and we live in Italy. In our spare time (when it will be possible again) we love to travel in Italy and abroad. It is always fantastic to see different places and meet the local people, try the local food, and enjoy finding out about new places. A quick look at Instagram will tell you that we are not the only ones!

But one side of travel that people do not often talk about is the journey itself! Is it better to take the train or the bus? Did you pack your suitcase well? How did you buy your tickets? This is just as important because without the journey we would not be able to visit these fantastic places.

So, we kindly invite you to try our quiz below to think about travelling and test your use of past verbs and comparatives… Enjoy!

Travelling | Simple Past and Comparatives Quiz

Choose the correct words to fill the gaps.

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