Hello XXX,
Great lesson today, thank you for coming, you showed great improvement! I have attached the slides for you to look over whenever you have a chance to.
For homework, here are some activities you can try:
Choose two TV shows – choose one that you would watch ‘no matter what’ and compare it to a show you would not like to watch.
– what makes them different?
– what is it about your show that really enjoy?
– What genre of TV is your favorite or least favorite?
Next, here is a list of 10 netflix shows that will help you to improve your English,
Try to watch one of them, next class we will talk about it next week.
Finally, here are some grammar exercises we can do to practice our superlatives and also ‘no matter’
https://www.stickyball.net/esl-writing/transitions/page-4-2.html (correct the mistake writing exercise)
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, see you  next time!