Italy: Land of ancient monuments, good food, warm people and of course, wine! Have you ever felt left out because you simply don’t know enough about wine? Has a waiter ever asked you which wine you wanted and you simply chose the cheapest one for lack of a better choice? Do you just want to drink wine while speaking English and meeting new people? The Scrambled Eggs Wine Tasting Course is here for all of you, with 4 meetings, one time a week, for the entire month of November 2023 (more details below).

Wine Tasting, all in English!

Scrambled Eggs has handcrafted a wine tasting course for English speakers (minimum level B1) that gives everyone the opportunity to learn all about Italian wine, the production process, food pairings with the right wine, biodynamics and so much more. This group is meant for everyone:

  • Italians looking to learn more about wine while also improving their English
  • Non-Italian speakers who want to learn all about wine in one of the most prominent wine-making countries in the world, but without having to know the Italian language!
  • Anyone looking to meet new people in an academic environment which is also conducive to socializing

Our Teacher

As a matter of fact, the teacher heading the course is Connor, our native English teacher from Canada who is also a certified sommelier. Needless to say, he’s the perfect teacher for this master class as he is passionate about both language and wine, bringing a unique perspective to this innovative course. Connor’s expertise in English language instruction and the world of wine ensures that every class will be an unforgettable concoction of culture, language and fun!

Your classic wine course is generally just a lecturer standing in front of a massive group of people, sometimes with up to 60 students! But Scrambled Eggs always emphasizes quality over quantity: we’ve decided to limit the course to 10 students in order to create a small, intimate group that facilitates learning and also promotes a stronger environment for speaking, expressing yourself and interacting with others.

Check out the Wine Course details below for more information:

Duration: 4 meetings, once a week, for two hours

Dates: Thursday 09/11, 16/11, 23/11, 30/11

Time: 19-21 (7-9 p.m.)

Limit: Maximum 10 people

General program of each lesson:

19-2045: Explanation of 4 types of wine with tasting as well as fun facts and in-depth discussion about various wine processes

2045-21: Aperitivo with the class, finishing the bottles of wine opened during the class with some good bites to eat and time to socialize


Cost of the course, which includes: materials (slides and printouts), wine glasses and food: 245€/person**

**If you are currently taking another course at Scrambled Eggs, you get a 20% discount on the wine course.

For more information or do book a spot in the next course, please write