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Word of the day: Kinks

Today’s Word of the Day revolves around the word kinks: a word to describe a problem that a new product or new service is experiencing. We often use the phrase “to sort out” (to resolve) with kinks: The first iPhone had some kinks in it, like suddenly shutting down or having a short battery life, but the next generation sorted them out. Let’s see some examples:

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George worked all day from home on Saturday to sort out the urgent kinks of the Mitchell project.

Corsi di inglese a Milano

The prototype keyboard isn’t ready for the market; it has a few kinks.

Scuola di inglese a Milano

Sarah was on the phone for hours trying to understand the kinks that her clients reported.

Scrambled Eggs Scuola di inglese a Milano

This car isn’t ready for the road, it’s got too many kinks we need to sort out.


How about you guys? Have you ever experienced any kinks in products you’ve bought or products you’ve worked on? Were they every sorted out?

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