Parola del giorno in inglese

Word of the day: Relentless

Blog sulla lingua ingleseStop asking me for money, I don’t have any. You’re relentless!

Today’s Word of the day is relentless, an adjective that we use to describe someone/thing that never stops, never grows tired, never surrenders, and continues on (I promise I didn’t steal that definition from Tim Allen). It can be bad or good, depending on the context.

Parola del giorno in inglese

This relentless rain started 3 days ago and still hasn’t stopped.

Corso di preparazione IELTS a Milano

Erica studied all day and night. She has a relentless work ethic!

Parola del giorno in inglese

The taxi driver drove us across New York in 15 minutes. He is relentless behind the wheel.


  1. Do you have any qualities that your are relentless at?
  2. Besides the above examples, when can a relentless person be a bad thing?

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